off-Road Academy

Recreational Training
 Recreational 4x4 off-road driver training is available with Intro, Basic and Advanced + Recovery courses. These courses give you a good all round knowledge of your vehicle and how to handle it in most off-road conditions . One on One training is available on request.
Off road Towing courses are now available for owners of off-road trailers/caravans wanting to experience more remote destinations knowing they can get there and back home safely towing their holiday homes.
Special Skills Tours 
Our "Special Skills" 4x4 training trips concentrate on the more technical side of overlanding in Southern Africa with special skills training in snow, rock, sand & mud driving being the core focus of these trips.

        mountain kingdom            4x4 

The Mountain Kingdom requires a 4x4 vehicle with high vehicle clearance, low range gear and will compliment your existing 4x4 skills as we traverse the less travelled back roads and several mountain passes – (some will be fairly technical).

      kaokoveld rambler            4x4

This extremely remote, off the beaten track trip requires a 4x4 vehicle with high vehicle clearance, low range gear and an experienced driver . We explore the less frequented twee-spoor tracks and river beds through this rugged landscape - (going can be slow and very technical)

        skeleton / kunene              4x4

The Skeleton Coast is full of surprises, the coast is largely soft sand occasionally interrupted by rocky outcrops. The northern landscape is dominated by high sand dunes. The trip requires a 4x4 vehicle with high vehicle clearance, low range gear - (be pre-paired for lots and lots of sand)


Training is offered on request. We offer One on One, small groups & corporate training (including vehicles.) at various off-road tracks in and around Cape Town, South Africa.


This course is for the new owner of a 4x4 who wants to know more about their vehicle and how to correctly handle it in an Offroad environment.


A course designed to give you a good all round off-road knowledge of your 4x4, touching a little more on the technical side of things.


After having completed your basic course and you are ready for the next level, this course teaches you how to push your 4x4 to the limits (safely), advanced recovery and ultimately the highest standard of off-road safety.

Advanced Recovery

Training in advanced recovery is an available standard on the Advanced course or you can book it  separately. Making sure you know how to recover a stuck vehicle in all conditions is a must for anyone heading out on a overland trip.

off-road towing

There are a number of things you need to be prepared for when you’re going to be towing off-road – bad weather,  mechanical failures or getting stuck just to name a few. Our course gives you that peace of mind knowing you can tow your off-road trailer or caravan safely to more remote destinations. 
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